Website Design Siliguri

Website Design Siliguri

Web Design Siliguri is thriving as India is growing in the Information Technology sector. We at Moonglan help the small sector to a large corporation with web design, development, SEO ( search engine optimization ), and Digital marketing by making a better online presence and a small budget. Every website we build has made an enormous impact on the local niche.

We provide an extensively compatible and high-performance website for your business with on-page SEO. Every website is flawlessly crafted and optimized to your needs so you make a more significant impact.

A great website is essential in ensuring that you are ranked among the top of the SERPs as well as increasing traffic flow from social media sites. We guarantee absolute necessity for our customers that want to build a robust online presence. We are aware of the modern business requirements and this is why we offer world-class design solutions.

At Moonglan we are dedicated to offering the best quality web designing that offers you a platform to connect with your target audience. Our team is experienced in developing both desktop-based and web-based apps. We have technical and graphic development expertise as well as search engine optimization skills, which offers the perfect blend that is required in making your business profitable.

We are qualified in making quality web designs that will help you get traffic on your website and this will be beneficial for your business. Additionally, we provide personal support as we offer the best value packages. Our team provides dynamic and technologically advanced services through our talented programmers and designers. We are here to offer solutions to your web problems.

Our team will ensure that we create a good website for your company, which is appealing and easy to navigate, easy accessibility to information, and offers a great experience to your customers. We are creative and we offer web design solutions that will help you market your products or services.

Services that we offer

We offer a number of services to ensure that you get all your web design solutions to grow your business. Our aim is to offer an end-to-end solution that is cost-effective and satisfactory. With our services, you will be able to offer professional web design with tailor-made features.

Web design and development


We ensure that we visualize your ideas and design a website that is unique to attract customers. We have expertise in designing and developing websites, redesigning, eCommerce websites, static and dynamic websites, WordPress, SEO, and conversion of PSD to HTML.

Moonglan is the experience of all time, we are trustworthy web design in Siliguri. Our vision is towards the absolute goal which guarantees prosperity and advancement.

Our team ensures that the website is fully responsive and can load perfectly regardless of the screen size resolution that your customers use. We crosscheck the website before releasing it to our customers. This is important as it helps us have a healthy relationship with our customers and we want the same for you and your customers. We are aware that customer satisfaction is key, as this indicates the success of the business.


Graphic design

Our team is skilled in creating visual concepts using hand and computer software, which communicates ideas that are inspiring, informing, and captivating to your consumers. We develop the general layout and production design for apps such as logos, brochures, danglers, Ads, magazines, flyers, package designing, tabloids, business cards, posters, among others

Hosting and Domain

Our team will ensure that you get a registered domain name and is privacy protected.

We are skilled in Windows and Linux hosting services for one or multiple websites.

We ensure that all your websites are registered in all the major domains such as .com, .in, .org, .net, and others.


We also offer professional training in regards to live projects as well as practical training. We also provide training regarding graphic design and website designing & multimedia.

Software and Apps

Moonglan team is skilled in making software and mobile applications at an affordable price on demand of clients. These are critical in the storage of records and data.


Search Engine Optimization

We ensure that you are able to generate additional lead from your website. Our SEO services are the best that you can find in the market.

Brand Solutions

We understand that the goal of all entrepreneurs is success in their respective fields. We ensure that you get a great return on investment through branding.

Personalized needs and management of services for your business require an experienced and expert project manager. Contact us and explain what you want. We offer responsive, reliable, and responsible digital support.

Moonglan wizards intently monitor your website so that your online vision is up and running without any technical glitch.

We make sure your customers and visitors do not return with a bad experience. We provide the best support team so that you don’t have to wait long to clarify your queries and doubt.

Our team is located in Siliguri, however, we extend our services to West Bengal and across India.

Call us today at +91 8945995947 for quality and satisfactory services!!