Search Engine Optimization FAQ’s

Would I be able to choose SEO services for a small business?

Search Engine Optimization for small business is basic since searches of products and services are inconceivably geocentric, and individuals consistently purchase products and services from companies near them. Furthermore, the perceivability of SME and startup sites gives a feeling of validity to your prospects and customers. The pros exceed the cons multifold on account of SEO services for small companies. Some of the reasons for selecting SEO services being ideal are:-
1. Bring in more customers
2. Have better conversion rates
3. Build Brand awareness
4. Design easy to use websites
5. Bypass Competition

Would you be able to do local SEO?

Indeed, our team executes local SEO techniques, which brings about a higher ranking on Google maps or Bing maps, and this increases the all-out organic traffic produced alongside a call to action. Local SEO alludes to the way toward optimizing your online presence to draw in more business from important local searches. SEO for small businesses is inconceivably significant because searches of product and services are unimaginably geocentric, and individuals consistently purchase products and services from companies that exist near them. Furthermore, the perceivability of SME and startup sites gives a feeling of credibility to your prospects and customers.

What are the SEO plans available?

Regardless of whether it’s a startup, SME or an Enterprise there is an SEO plan accessible appropriately. For new businesses and SME’s, the plans we offer are extraordinarily cost-effective, and the plans accessible for a venture might be customized to increase the value of everything being equal. If you don’t mind drop a question with relevant details of your business and we will hit you up right away with plans that are most appropriate to your needs.

What is the procedure once I partner with Moonglan?

Moonglan assists brands with understanding the previously existing ecosystem in the area of their business through a digital evaluation audit and an intensive competitive digital assessment mapping. We additionally give a digital strategy guide that is most appropriate to your needs.

When can I expect SEO results?

The SEO results will slowly increase after some time; they may change dependent on significant parts, for example,
1. The competition as of now exists in your area or field. Our team executes both marketing strategies just as the link building strategies to gain traction on the results of the SEO.
2. They likewise take a shot at the quality of your digital resources, for example, your site, the content found on it, the previously existing traffic your website generates, and substantially more.
3. A rough estimation of the time it takes to get results is at least 6 months.

In 6 months you will see a slow increase in the underneath metrics:
1. Increase in Organic traffic
2. Increase in keyword ranking
3. Improved brand value
4. Increase in conversion or leads

How important leads or conversions I will get?

SEO’s motivation is to increase visibility and to attract potential clients. The faster you get to page one of Google ranking, the higher the number of leads and prospects you wind up generating. Our digital marketing team actualizes different lead generation techniques like content marketing to a specific objective audience to improve the conversion rate and generate the maximum number of leads.

Would I be able to get SEO reports?

Truly, you can get SEO reports as we follow 100% straightforward system, the reports are solidified from sources like Google Analytics and third-party tools like SEMrush, Moz, Seo powersuite and Ahrefs; this is facilitated in a cloud platform to gain access to live reports constantly. We likewise give the site SEO metric overview report, a month to month site audit report, a keyword ranking report, an event tracking report, just as a month to month meeting with our team whenever it might suit you.

Would I be able to quit doing SEO after my site has arrived at the top positions?

With the growing competition in all markets and ever-changing algorithm of Google, it isn’t wise to quit putting resources into SEO because the continued presence in being on the first page is